Introducing The Pieceful Project

When I first met my friend, Brian, he quipped, "well, you're not a dude." Understandable, considering I was using my husband's Facebook profile to buy and sell on Marketplace. My presence, postpartum and with a six-week-old baby, must have been disorienting. Yet, it stemmed from my experiences as a female in gaming and LEGO® culture, where biases still persist despite moves toward inclusivity.

But things are changing. Enter The Pieceful Project.

My mission with The Pieceful Project is simple: to redefine the gaming and LEGO experience. I am creating a vibrant spaces where diversity thrives and creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're a novice or a pro, everyone is welcome to explore, create, and connect in our inclusive environment.

But ... where do we go, you ask? Exciting news! We're opening two brick-and-mortar locations soon: a satellite store in McHenry and a flagship in Cary, Illinois. The McHenry spot will be part of the McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes, while the flagship, located at 27A Jandus Road in Cary, promises a bustling hub for builders, gamers, and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

Expect gaming zones, puzzle areas, quiet cubbies for getting work done (I see you, working parents!), and more. Plus, we'll offer consignment, sorting services, and rentals to enhance your experience.

But here's where you come in. What would make The Pieceful Project your go-to spot after yoga session and a coffee run? The area where you hang out after dropping your kiddos off for dance class? Share your thoughts; we're listening.


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