The Vision of The Pieceful Project


That's how I've felt for the majority of the last 7 years. Or is it 10? Kinda' hard to tell. My 7-year-old definitely started the fierce tiredness I feel in my bones. But adulting is not all it's cracked up to be.

For Valentine's Day 2018, I thought I'd try to work on connection with my other half. "A LEGO®," I thought. "Star Wars." Both appealed to him in a big way, and maybe we could build a thing together? And I wouldn't have to think too hard?

My obsession was born.

LEGO, it turns out, isn't just for kids or dudes. My gateway project was 21318 Tree House. The myriad bags that allowed me to make a project last as long (or as short) as I wanted it to. The guidance that let me turn my brain off while listening to my favorite podcast. The way everything snapped together in a most satisfying way while building something clean, targeted and frankly, kinda' dreamy if I put myself in the shoes of those tiny minifigs.

That's the feeling I want to bring to everyone with The Pieceful Project. Whether it's plugging in to the beauty of Azul, giggling through a game of Bananagrams, or piecing together the ombre of a puzzle, The Pieceful Project wants to be the place you go to so you can find your next zen moment.

Unsure what your Pieceful Project is? That's fine - I got you. Whether it's building a LEGO with your kiddo in-store, using some of our restaurant-style booths to get work done and maybe piece together a puzzle during a Zoom call, or taking home a game you borrowed for family game night, getting you centered is in sight.

The Pieceful Project is coming soon to a brick-and-mortar near you! Our flagship store will open in spring 2024 in downtown Cary, with our satellite store taking root in the McHenry Riverwalk Shoppes. We can't wait to see you!

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